Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Use Workstation Customizing Objects to Control Printing

So what is a workstation customizing object (or *WSCST)? A *WSCST is IBM's way of letting users have complete control over a printer's behavior. Think of *WSCSTs as a way to build a custom printer driver for the iSeries. The *WSCST object itself is built from a source member.
The *WSCST source member will contain the escape sequences (sometimes called 'escape codes' or 'hex codes') for every command the printer is capable of accepting. It will contain, for example, the commands to start or to stop printing in boldface type, to start and to end subscript, and to print portrait or landscape. Having this kind of control over the printer, the iSeries should be able to take advantage of just about any feature a printer has to offer. "

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