Sunday, January 16, 2005

as400 Client Access and iSeries Navigator

Tips for as400 Client Access and iSeries Navigator

  • 8 as400 iSeries Access PC5250 Tips
    You may use it every day, but are you getting the most out of iSeries Access PC5250?
  • Using Client Access Express or iSeries Access to manage SSL

    Ever have problems installing SSL certificates on a Windows-based PC?
    Depending on the operating system and the browser that is installed, it can be a nightmare.
    On Windows 98/ME, it is usually done with Internet Explorer. On Windows 2000 and XP,
    there are two distinctive SSL key stores.
    One is the machine level and the other is for the individual users.
    In addition, there can be a Java-based key store.
    Why don't we have a single place where we can manage all of these certificates?
    If you are using Client Access Express or iSeries Access to set up SSL or SSL over VPN,
    there is a little known and less-documented utility that will allow you to
    directly manage all of these stores and certificates.
  • Cracking the Really Odd CWBLM0029 PC5250 Error

    One of the wierdest as400 / iSeries Client Access PC5250 errors is the CWBLM0029 error. This prevents users from logging onto an i5, iSeries, or
    AS/400 machine, providing the wierd message message,
    "CWBLM0029--The product or release level is incorrect for 5769XE1."
    Needless to say, this isn't very helpful.
  • Five Quick PC5250 Tricks for Administrators

    Because it's a mature product,
    PC5250 has a number of built-in features that the savvy administrator can use to
    keep his users happy, as well as to make his own life a little easier.
    Here's a quick list of five handy PC5250 tricks that are useful in an AS/400 shop.
    All of these tricks were tested with Client Access Express for Windows V5R1M0,
    but many of these features are also available with other versions of the product.
    Starting a PC5250 Macro or a Script After PC5250 Session Starts
    Copying Multiple PC5250 Screens to Windows Clipboard
    aRetain PC5250 Screen and Columnar Formatting When Pasting Screen Information
    into Another Document
    Make PC5250 Windows Look Like a Dumb Terminal
    Changing Font Attributes PC5250 Uses to Print Screen Shots
  • Four Cool Things You Can Do with PC5250

    The PC5250 program that comes with iSeries Access for Windows is a mature
    product that IBM has packed a ton of features into over the years.
    This week's "Admin Alert" takes a look at four under-used PC5250 features in
    iSeries Access for Windows V5R2M0 to see how they can help OS/400 users
  • How to prevent iSeries Access Emulator from disconnecting when used remotely

    My problem was that, when I used the 5250 green-screen emulator of iSeries
    Access (F.K.A. Client Access) in the office (with a direct connection to the
    office LAN, it was very reliable).
    When I used it from home, with 2 firewalls, 2 ISPs and the entire Internet
    between me and my iSeries machine, I had problems.
    The problem was that, every time I stopped entering commands for any
    significant interval (telephone call, scratch-my-head time, coffee, etc.)
    all my 5250 sessions got disconnected. I had pretty-much given-up on IBM's
    emulator and switched to Mochasoft because that emulator has an option to use
    a TCP/IP “keepalive”. The reason that it worked and IBM's did not was that,
    with many routers and paths between me and my iSeries, whenever a “long”
    interval of no activity occurred, some one of them would surmise that the
    connection had been abandoned. The iSeries responded by disconnecting and
    then canceling my interactive job.
  • iSeries Navigator: A World of Wizards

    The iSeries Navigator has many wizards you can use to rapidly complete
    unfamiliar or not-often-used tasks
    Add a Connection Wizard
    Enterprise Identity Mapping Wizard
    Internet Setup Wizard
    Security Wizard
    IPv4 Configuration Wizard (LAN)
    IPv4 Configuration Wizard (WAN)
    Virtual TCP/IP Interface Wizard
    IPv6 Configuration Wizard
    Dial-Up Connection Wizard
    IBM Universal Connection Wizard
    iSeries NetServer Configuration Wizard
    DHCP Configuration Wizard
    Directory Services Configuration Wizard
    Install and Configure Domino Wizard
  • Securing iSeries Navigator

    As iSeries Navigator functionality increases,
    so should your security concerns.
  • Uploading Excel data to an iSeries database file

    Have you ever wished you could upload a spreadsheet directly from Microsoft*
    Excel to an iSeries database file? Client Access Express now provides an
    enhanced Excel data transfer add-in that allows data to be transferred
    directly from an Excel spreadsheet to an iSeries database file.

    Prior versions of Client Access (both Client Access Express and Client
    Access for Windows* 95/NT*) provided add-in module for Excel data transfer, CWBTFXLA.XLL, which enabled the facilty to perform a direct download of data from an as400 database file to an Excel spreadsheet.

    From V5R1, Client Access now provides a data transfer add-in that can
    perform direct uploads of spreadsheet data to the as400.
  • Client Access Express Toolkit

    The Client Access Express Toolkit--an installable component of Client Access
    Express--should be used as the primary source of information about Client
    Access Express application development. This includes programming with Express
    ActiveX Automation Objects, ADO/OLE DB, and Java. The Express Toolkit contains
    links to header files, sample programs, and complete documentation.
    Express Toolkit component of Client Access Express
    This includes:

    The Toolkit help file and other Windows help documentation
    C/C++ header files
    C import libraries
    ActiveX automation type libraries
    Visual Basic wizards for the Express OLE DB provider
  • The new AS/400-to-PC transfer request
    Start a transfer by selecting the Data Transfer from AS400 program in the
    AS400 Client Access Express program group. Note, this is a separate installable
    option of Client Access, so if you can't find the Data Transfer from AS400
    program in the AS400 Client Access Express program group, you will probably
    need to install it.

More as400 tips to follow

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