Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Laughing Boardroom video...a real world example!

I posted the laughing boardroom video, an old IBM ad that highlights the infrastructure and manpower changes needed when moving away from the as400 platform, as so much is simple and/or automated.

The Laughing Boardroom

Well I have actually stumbled across a real world example. John Will describes what happened when consultants convinced a utility company that they needed to move from iseries to pseries


This regional, rather large, utility company had been running AS/400 for twenty years with a minimal staff. In fact the current CTO was one of the original AS/400 operators and prior to about a year ago he could have still filled in as an operator in a pinch. Other than some simple web front-ends they basically ran one production box that did all their customer care and billing services. About two years ago a team of consultants were brought in to re-deign their customer care and billing systems. The initial design took them from one production AS/400 (they called it a mainframe) to about 10 P5 physical boxes with about 50 lpars of which about 20 lpars eventually became the replacement solution. On the software side they went from a single box that basically handled everything to a very complex infrastructure

After the army of consultants had completed the project (over a year) this utility company went from 3 system administrators to about 10 system administrators and they were still understaffed. They also increased head counts for 2 system architects and a project managers. Of course at least three new managers had to be hired. All told they went from a staff of about 5 (including CTO and operations) to a staff of about 20

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