Thursday, April 29, 2004

as400 web app Deployment

as400 web app Deployment

We really need to speed up deployment of as400 web applications.

At the moment we check out the application projects from CVS, on the software developers box. Then export the EAR files to the iseries IFS. The go in WAS browser admin console. Then stop the web application. Then updating the web application. Then modifying the deployed web application (copying some folders) in installedApps. Then restarting the web application.

Ends up taking about 1/2 hour to do all that. What I want to do is script all that so it is automated and can run on the as400.

presumably connecting to CVS is unix type stuff that can run in qshell. Then maybe using Ant running on the 400 to package up and deploy the EAR file to the IFS, then using scripted websphere wsadmin commands to deploy the application. Ill be lucky if I get time to do any of this as400 stuff

Built myself a new PC for Christmas