Thursday, April 06, 2006

DB2 for IBM i - Articles and White Papers

AS400 Articles and White Papers

A new approach to enforcing business rules with DB2 for IBM i

Accessing DB2 for i5/OS data from a Linux Partition and Optimize Linux access to your DB2 for i5/OS database

Accessing DB2 for i5/OS data from AIX Applications - Optimize AIX access to your DB2 for i5/OS database

Building Web services with db2 and .Net

Creating and using materialized query tables (MQT) in IBM DB2 for i5/OS

IBM DB2 Development Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

DB2 for i5/OS and Web Services

Debugging SQL procedures with the System i graphical debugger and DB2 developers workbench

Heterogeneous Data Access for iSeries Applications

IBM DB2 for i5/OS and Development Center

Improving SQL procedure performance: New features and tips to help improve stored-procedure performance
Indexing and statistics strategies for DB2 for i5/OS
Modernizing a DB2 for i5/OS application
Protecting i5/OS data with encryption [New]
QIBM_QDB_OPEN: The Open Database File-exit program - Using the Open Database File-exit program to secure your database [New]
Routing database client connections to IBM DB2 for i5/OS through an alternate subsystem
Star Schema Join Support within DB2 for i5/OS - Version 3
Table Partitioning Strategies for DB2 for i5/OS
Understanding the DB2 Universal Database on iSeries systems
Using DB2 Connect in an iSeries Linux Partition - Optimize the DB2 Connect access to a DB2 UDB for iSeries from a Linux partition white paper
Using IBM Rational Application Developer Version 6.0 wizards
Using iSeries database monitor to identify and tune SQL queries
Using iSeries ODBC Driver in a Linux Partition - Optimize the access to your DB2 UDB for iSeries database from a Linux partition
IBM DB2 for as400 i5/OS and DB2 Developer Workbench

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