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Friday, April 02, 2010

What is RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages)

What is RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages)

RPGsp is an award-winning rapid Web development environment that has been proven and trusted by thousands of System i users. Whether you need to extend your existing legacy programs or build new applications, RPGsp can deliver phenomenal results in a short amount of time.

With RPGsp, you will save time by using existing RPG resources and not having to rewrite code or retrain your staff. You will increase your productivity with the help of cutting edge tools like intuitive point-and-click wizards, HTML design, visual debugging, advanced RPG editing, code analysis, and hybrid compiling. You will instantly construct advanced applications like dynamic graphs, inquiries, drill-downs, BI dashboards, and file maintenances. RPGsp supports the latest in SOA, Web Services, AJAX, Web 2.0, and eCommerce to help you build the most interactive and flexible applications.

Native System i Web Development
Web applications are business applications. Why not then use RPG, the platform's undisputed best business language, to build modern IBM i Web applications? RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages) enhances the native RPG language to have powerful Web capabilities. This makes it a true Web development language, with all of the features a modern Web language should have, including AJAX, SOA, Dynamic HTML, Forms, Cookies, and much more. System i developers feel right at home in this environment. Finally, you can get to the Web without middleware, third party application servers, or Websphere.
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Short Learning Curve
Build on what you already know. If you are already familiar with standard RPG, you can start building Web applications right away. Even non-programmers can create applications in minutes by using any of the powerful wizards that are available. You will have access to comprehensive documentation, numerous examples, and detailed HTML/RPG references to help as you begin coding your applications.
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Rapid Development
With RPGsp, application development is now faster than ever before. You can build all kinds of applications within minutes. Choose from an abundance of rapid application development tools to speed development tasks. Instantly build advanced dynamic fields like data-driven dropdowns and list boxes. Reuse any of your existing code, including RPG, CL , DDS, and HTML. Control all HTML attributes in a point and click manner, and let our comprehensive designer write most of the HTML for you. Plus, you can quickly build applications such as advanced database inquiries, file maintenances, drill-downs, header/detail screens, pop-up selection windows, data entry forms, and much more without manual coding.
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Numerous Wizards, Templates, and Snippets
New to Web development? Our IDE is packed with wizards and templates to get you going. Just pick a template and RPGsp will walk you through creating the application. You can quickly create working programs without writing any code. You will end up with clean ILE RPG code (free or fixed format) working together with dynamic HTML output. As you maintain your application, you will have access to various code snippets for RPG, CSS, and JavaScript. Also included is a ready-made AJAX library which allows you to easily integrate Web 2.0 features, exchange XML, or use Web services.
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Built-in Charting
Creating interactive charts, dashboards, and KPI's with RPGsp is as simple as point and click. Just follow our comprehensive step-by-step wizards to build any type of single-series, multi-series, or combination chart. Our wizards offer hundreds of options to help you build comprehensive applications for visualizing your business data. Pick from 2D or 3D Column Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Area Charts, Pie Charts, Doughnut Charts, and more. Each type of chart is completely customizable with data being built either by record level RPG code or SQL. You can easily make the charts interact with each other or with other Web components. Users may click on the chart to drill-down and/or activate another chart.
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Intelligent Code Editing and Design Tools
RPGsp comes with an award winning code editor. It is full of helpful features such as HTML reformatting, fixed to free format conversion, intelligent prompting, code outlines, syntax highlighting, and context-sensitive help. It supports both Web and back-end languages, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, RPG, CL, and DDS. In addition, you can visually inspect your application with our built-in HTML designer. The designer can automatically render dynamic RPG and resources residing on the System i. It may also be launched in Split-View, which allows developers to work with Code and Design at the same time in one view.
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Integrated Visual Debugger
RPGsp offers 3 different ways to debug RPG-based web applications, including a completely integrated Visual Debugger. The Visual Debugger provides unique features such as variable evaluation on hover, job-transparent debugging, and even the ability to step back in time to examine execution history. You will be able to set breakpoints and visually step through running Web applications while reviewing both RPG and HTML code in one view.
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Cross-platform Capabilities
RPGsp pages can read or update Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, and other databases. Created programs will be able to communicate with other Web applications running on any platform. Your applications will also have complete support for SOA, XML, AJAX, and Web services.
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Unmatched Performance
RPGsp produces lightening fast CGI code. Our unique "look-ahead" compile technology allows for performance up to four times faster than other native technologies, such as CGIDEV2. Your applications will run entirely in batch processing.
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Rock Solid Security
RPGsp applications reside entirely on the System i and take full advantage of the system's object-based architecture to protect against viruses, malicious scripts, hackers, and other threats. You also receive another layer of security by having your Web applications separated from the rest of the system. Complete support for SSL is provided.
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Automated Server Configuration
Install the development environment and configure the Web server in less than five minutes using RPGsp's intelligent server analysis and configuration utilities. Effortlessly configure logging and user authentication with easy to use wizards.
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Automatic Conversions
Move your existing applications to the Web rapidly. No more screen-scrapping or web-facing. With our conversion process, your applications will be transformed into true Web applications very quickly. All of your converted screens will be completely customizable with no ties to the original Display Files and no limitations of green-screens.
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Integrated Source Control & Change Management
RPGsp includes change management exit points and an integrated multi-user source control system to prevent developers from stepping on each others' toes as they work on Web applications, green-screen programs, and modernization projects. Source code is checked in and out within the RPGsp IDE using a simple point-and-click interface.
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A Smart Investment
You will never have to worry about hidden costs, lengthy training, and lack of support. Join the thousands of satisfied clients around the world who already rely on our state-of-the-art tools and industry-leading technical support. Leverage your existing assets, deploy your projects quickly, and be productive from day one with RPGsp.
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Backed by an Industry Leader
Profound Logic Software is a proven provider of the best tools, services, and support for System i Web development projects. We have been developing modern System i Web applications and tools for years. After countless successful implementations of our technology and multiple awards for innovation, we have again and again proven that we have what it takes to effectively modernize and add value to AS400, iSeries, and i applications. Profound Logic's impressive list of System i customers further demonstrates our capacity to deliver outstanding results with our products and services. Once you engage with Profound Logic, you will immediately notice our superb level of support and our commitment to providing the best modernization solutions for the System i.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Proactively Manage your Critical System Messages and Resources on the System i

Many IT pros struggle to effectively monitor and manage their critical system messages and resources on System i. This webcast provides tips for improving your System i management and explores how you can automate actions to instantly resolve problems across a single system or a multi-system environment. Learn how to monitor your System i from any location via multiple interfaces, including green screen, PC GUI, web browser and handheld device

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

L3 Cache Makes All The Difference For Java Apps on IBM i

Timothy Prickett Morgan is talking about the performance of the latest Power6+ system i boxes, and benchmark testing of SAP and Lawson products.

A couple of interesting thngs emerge...

One is that in these tests there was very little diference in performance between a 550 and a 570

A Power 520 with a single Power6+ processor with two cores running at 4.7 GHz equipped with 32 GB of memory was able to process 41,090 query navigation steps per hour on the BI-MXL test at 94 percent of CPU utilization on a data warehouse with 300 million records. (That's the smallest database used in the test, which also has 1 million and 3 million record variants.) A Power 550 with two processors and four cores activated running at 5 GHz and with 64 GB of memory was able to handle 90,635 query navigation steps per hour at 98 percent of CPU; for some reason, IBM ran the test again on this box a few weeks later and got a slightly lower 97 percent CPU utilization and only handled 90,492 query navigation steps per hour. (Go figure.) A Power 570 box with four 5 GHz cores and 96 GB of memory did slightly more work, at 93,468 query navigation steps per hour.
The message here is what I have been telling you for years: Don't buy into the Power 570 unless you have to. It is more expensive for modest workloads than a Power 550. If you don't need the expansion that the Power 570 embodies, don't do it

The other was that L3 cache is very important for java app performance

On the M3 tests, Lawson found that the initial Power 520 using that old 1.9 GHz Power5 chip could process about 75,000 invoiced order lines per hour. Moving up to the 4.2 GHz Power6 core boosted performance by 31 percent (not more than 2X as you might expect from the clock speeds because IBM radically changed the instruction pipelines with the Power6 chips), to around 98,250 invoiced order lines per hour. And while the move to the Power6+ chip only boosted the clock speed by 11.9 percent up to 4.7 GHz, the addition of the L3 cache pushed performance up 21 percent to 118,900 invoiced order lines per hour. Which makes you wonder why on Earth IBM ever cropped the L3 cache out of the boxes to artificially crimp performance on the Power 520s and the JS12 and JS22 blades in the first place. That's not a smart move if you are trying to support Java applications