Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art

Isometric Pixel Art (IPA) is a modern form of digital art that only recently has been accepted as a new art form. Most of us have seen this typical type of artwork in old games such as X-Com or the relatively old Ultima Online. The 2-Dimentional (2D) representation of a 3-Dimentional (3D) object is fascinating to many people. This is possibly because of the simplicity and amount of small details that can fit into a single IPA piece. It doesnt need that much brain power to figure out, yet it is pleasing to the eye. IPA can be compared to cartoons in many ways, as people like to look (watch) and accept the 2D art form as it is very simplistic and easy to follow. The main purpose of any art work is that it draws your attention. In many ways IPA is set out to achieve this, that is, to represent something that looks like it could come from the real world, yet you know its just a computer generated image

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