Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tech cult No. 6: Monks of the Midrange

Dan Tynan discusses technology cults, including us as400 dinosoars


Gathering of the tribes: Common 2009 Major deity: Dr. Frank Soltis Holy scriptures: The IBM Redbook Sacred relic: Original AS/400
Like their elder brethren devoted to IBM mainframes, the monks of IBM's midrange systems congregate to celebrate the IBM i, iSeries, i5/OS, AS/400 and related solutions, says Randy Dufault, president of the Common Users Group. Although the group traces its history back to the day vacuum tubes vanished from modern computers, it still boasts more than 4,000 members, who meet annually to keep the power systems flame alive

Does make me wonder. How many midrange people have never opened a redbook. How many dont even know what they are! I know many as400 bods pride themselves on never reading the manuals. Wierd

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