Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PHP on the as400

Timothy Prickett Morgan discusses the increasing use of PHP on System i.


After a year of work in the wake of the alliance, Zend and IBM started shipping a beta version of the Zend Core for i5/OS, which ran in the PASE AIX runtime environment inside i5/OS V5R4. In August of 2006, Zend Core for i5/OS became generally available and in a short time, there were thousands of downloads of the software, which IBM picked up the tab for on behalf of V5R4 shops that wanted to download a PHP engine and integrate it with their i boxes. IBM gave out statistics for downloads every couple of months, but since the creation of the Power Systems division, which converged the System i and System p lines last April, IBM has been pretty mum in terms of Zend Core for i downloads. The latest number that I have heard is that there have been 12,000 cumulative downloads of Zend Core for various i platforms, including machines running OS/400 V5R3, i5/OS V5R4, and i 6.1

According to this Gartner data, the vast majority of PHP developers in 2007 were part-time developers and hobbyists, with a small number of corporate PHP developers. But by 2013, Gartner expects there to be millions of professional PHP developers at software vendors and in IT shops, with the base of hobbyists and part-timers being about the same. And we all know who is going to be spending money on PHP tools, creating real-world, enterprise-class PHP applications, and making a living from PHP

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