Friday, May 01, 2009

as400 / iseries / ibm i api examples

This section contains example programs that use as400 APIs
Using the example programs, you can:

Delete old spooled files using a program in one of the following languages:
Note: The programs and source code used as examples in the spooled file portion of this page exist only in printed form. They are not stored electronically on the iSeries server.

Call the ILE Common Execution Environment (CEE) Date APIs
Change active jobs
Change a job schedule entry
Create your own telephone directory
Create and manipulate a user index
Create a batch machine
Define queries
Use profile handles
Generate and send an alert
Create diagnostic reports using message handling APIs
List directories and subdirectories in spooled files
Saving to multiple devices
Scan for string patterns
Use a data queue
Use environment variables
Save and restore system-level environment variables
Use the generic terminal APIs
Use the network management APIs
Use the COBOL/400 APIs to control run units and error handling
Use the user-defined communications APIs
Use the registration facility
Use semaphores and shared memory
Use the as400 source debugger APIs
Use the spawn process and the wait for child process
Work with stream files
This section also contains examples of exit programs to do the following:

Use the Operational Assistant backup exit program
Create the Program Temporary Fix exit program

More as400 api examples to follow

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