Thursday, May 21, 2009

as400 api - Process Commands (QCAPCMD) API

The as400 Process Commands (QCAPCMD) API is used to check or run CL commands from HLLs as well as check syntax for specific source definition types

You can use the QCAPCMD as400 API to:

Check the syntax of a command string prior to running it
Prompt the command and receive the changed command string
Run a command from an HLL

An advantage of using QCAPCMD over QCMDEXC is the exception handling. An exception that occurs when using QCAPCMD command is trapped and notified via the QUSEC structure. The error is not passed up the call stack so can be handled gracefully in programs.



fnewfile   if   e           k disk    usropn 
dcommand          s             40    inz(' ') 
dcmdlng           s             10i 0 inz(40) 
docb              ds 
d type                          10i 0 inz(0) 
d DBCSdh                         1    inz('0') 
d prompt                         1    inz('0') 
d cmdsyntax                      1    inz('0') 
d msgrtvkey                      4    inz(x'00000000') 
d reserve1                       9    inz(x'000000000000000000') 
docblength                      10i 0 inz(x'00000014') 
docbfmt                          8    inz('CPOP0100') 
dchgcmd                          1    inz(' ') 
dlngchgcmd                      10i 0 inz(0) 
dlngchgrtn                      10i 0 inz(0) 
d qused01                17    116 
c                   eval      command = 'OVRDBF NEWFILE SHARE(*YES)' 
c                   Z-ADD     116           QUSBprv 
c                   call      'QCAPCMD' 
c                   parm                    command 
c                   parm                    cmdlng 
c                   parm                    ocb 
c                   parm                    ocblength 
c                   parm                    ocbfmt 
c                   parm                    chgcmd 
c                   parm                    lngchgcmd 
c                   parm                    lngchgrtn 
c                   parm                    QUSEC 
c     QUSBavl       ifgt      0 
c     'Error on API'DSPLY 
c     qusei         dsply 
c                   end 
c                   open      newfile 
c     *loval        setll     fmt1 
c                   read      fmt1                                   30 
c     *in30         ifeq      '0' 
c     fld1          dsply 
c                   else 
c     'No Records'  dsply 
c                   end 
c                   close     newfile 
c                   eval      *INLR = '1' 

DDS for newfile: 

R FMT1                               
FLD1          10                   
FLD2          10                   
K FLD1  

More as400 Command API examples to follow

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