Monday, May 11, 2009

AS400 Jobs: Do you have a job at the moment?

AS400 Jobs question

Do you have an as400 job at the moment

The reason for me asking this question is because at the moment I dont have an as400 job. Plus I came across this old as400 related jobs article on IT Knowledge Exchange asking the very similar question. They mention that it may be down the fact that its difficult looking for work on a system that is round about 20 years old, which the as400 is now.

Plus companies are modernising their so-called 'legacy' as400 systems based on RPG to new and shiney windows and linux systems using java or .Net.

as400 jobs

So with that in mind, and the ever present now, credit crunch, it would appear that the job market for technicians with as400 skills maybe getting smaller and smaller. Although to balance that there are still a lot of companies that rely on their as400 for their business processes to run, almost without hiccup Given that, I still think we will see as400 jobs around for some time yet

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  1. Anonymous10:54 pm

    uhh....mainframes with COBOL are still around as well