Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Speedware reselling RPG to-.NET Code Converter

Speedware is reselling and servicing Sykora-ML's ML-iMPACT code converter in the North American market. Skykor-ML claims the tool can convert 100 percent of RPG functions into fully maintainable C# or Java. That's quite unusual and special for a code converter, according to Speedware officials, who have decades of experience in the IBM midrange and mainframe migration business.

The tool converts an RPG application's DDS code to WebForms or ASP objects, while printing and other operating system-specific functions, such as batch job management, are also accounted for. What really impresses Koppe, however, is that Sykora-ML built an automated testing tool directly into ML-iMPACT, "so they can guarantee the result is exactly the same as the source platform. That, again, is very rare to see in a tool."

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