Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AS400 API - Retrieve Network Attributes (QWCRNETA)

The Retrieve Network Attributes (QWCRNETA) as400 API lets you retrieve network attributes



Network Attributes
ALRBCKFP Alert backup focal point    
ALRCTLD         Alert controller    
ALRDFTFP Alert focal point    
ALRFTR         Alert filter    
ALRHLDCNT Alert hold count    
ALRLOGSTS Alert logging status    
ALRPRIFP Alert primary focal point    
ALRRQSFP Alert focal point to request    
ALRSTS         Alert status    
ALWADDCLU Allow add to cluster    
ALWANYNET Allow AnyNet support    
ALWHPRTWR Allow HPR tower support    
ALWVRTAPPN Allow virtual APPN support    
VRTAUTODEV Autocreate APPC device limit    
DDMACC         DDM request access    
DFTCNNLST Default ISDN connection list    
DFTMODE         Default mode    
DFTNETTYPE ISDN network type    
DTACPR         Data compression    
DTACPRINM Intermediate data compression    
HPRPTHTMR HPR path switch timers    
JOBACN         Job action    
LCLCPNAME Local control point    
LCLLOCNAME Local location    
LCLNETID Local network ID    
MAXINTSSN Maximum sessions    
MAXHOP         Maximum hop count    
MDMCNTRYID Modem country or region ID    
MSGQ         Message queue    
NETSERVER Server network ID    
NODETYPE APPN node type    
NWSDOMAIN Network server domain    
OUTQ         Output queue    
PNDSYSNAME Pending system name    
PCSACC         Client Access    
RAR         Addition resistance    
SYSNAME         Current system name

More as400 commands to follow

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