Friday, May 22, 2009

The AS/400 is Dead - All Hail The 'Smart Cube'

Ok, you got me, the as400 will never actually die. Its too good to die. But like Doctor Who, every few years, it changes. This time the metamorphasis of the as400 leaves us with something surprising. The 'Smart Cube'.

From IBM

The Smart Cube is a complete application-ready platform with all server hardware and software needed, pre-configured and ready-to-use, with no manuals required. In a few easy steps, businesses can be up and running with a complete IT solution to run their business, including the operating system, integrated middleware, database, security and back-office functionality such as file, print, backup and recovery, combined with the business application they acquired
(what does that sound like!)

IBM Smart Cube 7277

This product is available separately at a suggested retail price per system starting at $974.00/month or $31,128.00 and may also be included as part of a complete solution

IBM Smart Business Solution – Small Power 520 is a powerful and integrated server that is designed to run all of the business applications a medium sized business needs (e.g. Finance, Accounting, ERP, CRM, IP Telephony) with no IT complexity. The solution includes an IBM Smart Cube – Small Power 520 server with a 1-core Power 6 processor. The Smart Cube remains connected to IBM Smart Market which provides remotely delivered services including help desk and solution support, monitoring, backup and recovery, security and business collaboration. IBM Smart Cube comes with the pre-loaded IBM Smart Business Software Pack, including everything needed to run business applications and workloads. • Application Servers and Java support • Database Servers • Web Servers • File & Print Servers • Network & Application Security: • Directory Servers • Built-In backup and recovery • i Operating System. IBM Smart Cubes provide many serviceability and ease-of-use features designed to enhance the support experience for customers. IBM Smart Business Software Pack includes wizard-based application management and problem solving interfaces that can be extended to vendor application software prepared specifically for this environment. Customers will have the option to configure their solutions to automatically find and install new fixes. The Smart Desk, included in the Smart Cube, provides a single consistent interface to manage, license, administer, and maintain applications

IBM Smart Cubes come with pre-loaded IBM Smart Business Software Pack, pre-configured, ready to use; including operating system, middleware, database, security, backup and recovery and etc;

Business applications are pre-integrated with IBM Smart Business Integration Integrator and ready for automatic download at the customer installation, in simple steps.

The IBM Smart Cubes come with the pre-loaded security software, including firewall/VPN, Antivirus protection, web filtering, anti spam and application protection, to offer preemptive protection for the IT infrastructure for small and medium size companies.

The IBM Smart Support Team will provide a “single point of entry” into the larger IBM technical support structure, as well as into the software vendors’ support teams who handle the technical problems associated with application software.

The IBM Smart Cube provides a single interface and source for fix acquisition and deployment across Customer’s Smart Business solution.

The IBM Smart Cube uses powerful IBM server platforms. The IBM Smart Business customers can start with entry-level IBM Smart Cube and move to the advanced server platform, all with the compatible IBM Smart Business Software Pack.

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