Monday, April 03, 2006

Printing from Qshell

While Qshell is a valuable tool in the iSeries professional's toolbox, some features it has are hard to discover. For example, instructions on how to print Qshell output to an iSeries printer are hidden in an obscure page in the InfoCenter. To send the output of a Qshell command to an output queue, use the Rfile command. Entered by itself, the following command 'echo Hello iSeries' will echo to the screen the words 'Hello iSeries'. We will redirect that to a printer file via Rfile echo Hello iSeries | Rfile -wbQ -c 'ovrprtf file(qprint) outq(outqname) splfname(qshprt) hold(*yes)' qprint
The InfoCenter has an example on how to send ASCII files and Qshell output to remote printers

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