Saturday, September 12, 2009

Typical settings for MS OLE DB Provider for IBM DB2

Example settings for configuring MS OLE DB provider for DB2 for as400 iseries
Affiliate Application
Alternate TP Name
APPC Local LU Alias
APPC Mode Name              QPCSUPP
APPC Remote LU Alias
APPC Security Type          Program
Auth Encrypt    False
Cache Authentication        False
Client Application Name 
Connection Pooling          False
Data Source       
DateTime As Char            False
DateTime as Date            False
DBMS Platform               DB2/AS400
Default Qualifier
Default Schema              MYDATA (note, this is the library name containing the files to access on as400)
Defer Prepare               False
Derive Parameters           False
Extended Properties  
Host CCSID                  37
Initial Catalog             MY400
Integrated Security
Mode                        ReadWrite
Network Address             myipaddress
Network Port                446
Network Transport Library   TCPIP
New Password
Package Collection          SQLPKG (library to contain the packages created for pulling/pushing data from/to this box)
PC Code Page                1252
Persist Security Info       False
Principle Name
Process Binary as Character false
Rowset Cache Size           0
Units of Work               RUW
Use Early Metadata          False
Locale Identifier           1033
Mode                        3
Protection Level            1
Connection Pooling          false

More as400 settings to follow

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