Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parsing An Excel Spreadsheet with as400 RPG and Java

Scott Klement has an article on how to do this on the as400 here...

In the May 15, 2003, issue of Club Tech iSeries Programming Tips, some information was presented on how to use the Jakarta-POI/HSSF Java classes together with an iseries RPG program to create an Excel spreadsheet. In this tip, the same open-source Java classes will be used to do the opposite: to extract data from an existing Excel spreadsheet.

The downloadable as400 source code for this tip contains an RPG service program and Java .jar file that work together with the HSSF classes to make parsing an Excel document a snap. All you have to do is provide a as400 rpg subprocedure for character cells and a subprocedure for numeric cells, and the service program will call them back for each cell in the workbook

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