Monday, September 21, 2009

unzipping a file on the iseries

as400 iseries Java ajar tool

The ajar tool is an alternative interface to the jar tool that you use to create and manipulate Java(TM) ARchive (JAR) files. You can use the ajar tool to manipulate both JAR files and ZIP files on the as400.

If you need a ZIP interface or UNZIP interface on the iseries, use the ajar tool instead of the jar tool.

The ajar tool lists the contents of JAR files, extracts from JAR files, creates new JAR files, and supports many of the ZIP formats just as the jar tool does. Additionally, the ajar tool supports adding and deleting files in existing JAR files.

The ajar tool is available using the iseries Qshell Interpreter. For more details, see ajar - Alternative as400 Java archive.

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