Monday, September 21, 2009

Connecting from iseries RPG to a web browser

Use hotspots in your as400 Client Access session to do this

A hotspot is an area in the iseries PC5250 display session window where you can use your left mouse button to execute a command or function. Hotspots are generally used for the following functions:
• To simulate function keys with point-and-click technology
• To execute a macro by clicking on a word on your PC5250 display screen
• To execute a word or string on your PC5250 screen as if you had typed it in as an AS/400 command or option
• To provide a point-and-click facility by simulating the Enter key at the current cursor location
• To interface PC5250 with your Web browser by launching Web sites directly from your as400 OS/400 display session

More as400 connectivity tips to follow

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