Monday, September 21, 2009

IBM iSeries follows in HP 3000 footsteps?

Start retraining now guys, I think the answer is very much a yes!

The bottom line is we all need to face the facts of what is happening. IBM i, the OS, is gradually fading away based on IBM not selling it. Since there is no longer an organization to sell IBM i there can be no turn around or return to prominence

the demise of the OS400 community -- and so the iSeries computer line and its vendors -- seems inevitable to Cancilla

"It will simply continue to decline in users and will most definitely be dropped by IBM when the revenue reaches a point where it is no longer feasible to continue supporting it," he wrote in a blog entry last week. Cancilla is getting a strong reaction from iSeries advocates, according to the IT Jungle's Dan Burger. But that probably won't change the sales effort at IBM. This is an aspect of a vendor's disaffection with a platform that was never played out in public for the HP 3000. Right up to the announcement of HP's exit, the vendor and its partners never broached the prospect of HP giving up on the 3000.

But the AS400 (or iSeries or System i) saw a 40 percent decline in sales from '07 to '08, according to the IT Jungle. IBM has reduced the profile of the most i-like parts of the system when it moved System Licensed Internal Code and a Technology Independent Machine Interface into a new Virtualization Engine

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