Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PC World's Techlog - Google's Latest: Page Creator

OK, I checked back--and Google Page Creator is indeed live, at least at the moment. It's a very, very simple Web-site designer that works in your browser. That's not a new idea (CoffeeCup did something along the same lines years ago), but Page Creator has a zippy, AJAX-y interface that feels like a desktop application. It offers a bunch of themes and a few different page layouts. And it does a nice job of eliminating the need to know anything about Web authoring. (You can edit in an HTML mode if you really want to, but mostly, you work in a WYSIWYG mode that saves everything to the Web automatically.)

Page Creator puts your site at a yournamehere.googlepages.com URL, offers a maximum of 100MB of space, and only creates simple, static pages without flashy features, interactivity, or structure. So it's best suited for folks with extremely basic needs who want to get something on the Web with a minimum of fuss--but for that, it's worth a look. But it's a bit strange that Page Creator is a cutting-edge, extremely interactive Web service that...lets you create really old-fashioned, passive Web sites.

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