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What is LANSA

What is LANSA

LANSA's integrated software suite, from LANSA

LANSA’s software suite contains four flagship products, and a set of ancillary products, that can be deployed individually to solve specific requirements or woven into an entire infrastructure. Think of each product as a building block that is not only optimized for a specific task but that is also a big step forward in deploying a new platform.

The only IDE you will ever need for Windows or System i

Visual LANSA is the name of our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building, modernizing and integrating business applications. Visual LANSA has followed a twenty-year product evolution path that has proven its superiority over other application development tools and methodologies. Today Visual LANSA is used by thousands of developers, spread across different industries and countries around the world, who are all in pursuit of the same objective: maximum productivity and simplicity throughout the entire software development life cycle.

The fastest and most certain way to modernize your System i applications

RAMP is a complete process for rapidly modernizing legacy software systems. Before the advent of RAMP, users of System i, iSeries or AS/400 servers facing application modernization challenges were forced to either throw it all away and start again or continue to build upon, and be limited by, their legacy 5250 business systems. Now RAMP offers the perfect balance between those two extremes. By providing an application development framework that combines functionality from green-screen applications with new visual components in a rich graphical user interface, RAMP addresses your immediate tactical needs and sets you on a path of evolution without limits.

Flexible integration of business processes, systems, applications and data

LANSA Integrator, is a versatile and extensible integration server that is used by programmers to exchange data in any format or via any protocol and can also be used to remotely call functions in other systems. LANSA Integrator enables integration of Application-to-Application (A2A) and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions through XML and Java services. LANSA Integrator allows bi-directional XML – and other data formats – to be exchanged between you and your trading partners, regardless of platform. LANSA Integrator appeals to developers with LANSA, RPG, COBOL or Java skills and is regarded as the Swiss army knife of the integration world.

LANSA Composer is a Business Process Integration (BPI) tool that gives business analysts a top-down view of end-to-end business processes. LANSA Composer provides connectivity between different systems in the same way as LANSA Integrator, but differs by including a graphical mapping tool and a process orchestration engine. These additions make LANSA Composer a highly visual and code-free tool that any business analyst or expert user can operate. The purpose of a BPI tool like LANSA Composer is to automate manual processes and eliminate rekeying of data by reducing the amount of paper, email, fax and human interaction required to complete a given business process.

ERP extensions, middleware, reporting and eCommerce

Alongside these flagship offerings, LANSA has products in areas ancillary to the main LANSA platform like end-user reporting (LANSA Client) and middleware (LANSA Open for .NET). We have also created specific application products where we saw a market need for an out-of-the-box solution e.g. an open-source ERP package, an eCommerce store, an EDI gateway, an AS2 compliant secure communications server and a Product Information Management (PIM) solution for on-boarding to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).

LANSA your one-stop shop

What is RPG Smart Pages

The theme running throughout our suite is that all products are built on, and share the underlying services, of the LANSA platform. We, along with our vibrant business partner community, have broadened our value proposition beyond tools and technology into application solutions so that LANSA can be your one-stop-shop

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