Friday, April 02, 2010

What is WebSmart

What is WebSmart

WebSmart is the Proven & Award Winning System i & multi-platform rapid Web development tool, from BCD. WebSmart comes in two editions:

WebSmart ILE helps you produce native System i-centric CGI web applications that access DB2400, MS SQL and MySql databases. The apps run in the native Apache HTTP web server shipped with every System i.

WebSmart PHP helps you produce PHP applications that run on multiple platforms- System i, Windows, Linux or Unix and access databases such as DB2/400, MySQL and others.

Both editions of WebSmart let you extend or develop new web applications for any industry or application. You can create B2B, B2C and e-Commerce sites including on-line ordering, inquiries and maintenance programs, and implement browser-based or SOA (web services) applications. And WebSmart fully supports AJAX so you can build rich web content applications that behave like Windows apps.

If you are looking for a popular alternative to IBM’s WebSphere, then take a close look at WebSmart as it is significantly easier to learn and uses way fewer resources than WebSphere.

WebSmart Highlights

Rapid New Web Development
Modernize Legacy Apps
Multi-Platform: ILE CGI or PHP
Access non-iSeries based data bases like MySQL and MSSQL
Visual HTML Editing
Robust Enterprise Apps
Productive IDE for RPG and non-RPG Programmers
Web 2.0 features such as Web Services, SOX, AJAX, etc
Change Management
Free Trials with Unlimited Support
IBM distributes WebSmart globally with V5R4 and new System i sales
Integrated Visual Debugger
Charts and Graphs with Free SmartCharts
SQL Support
Professional Services
Free License: Nexus Portal & ECM. Secure framework for Apps, Docs, Dashboards…
Integrated real-time web Clover Query tool for end-users and developers.
Proven with 1,750+ customers, 1,500,000 users and 13 Industry Awards
Ideal for Small, Medium and Large organizations – Immediate Results

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