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What is IBM i Access for Web

What is IBM i Access for Web

IBM i Access for Web offers browser-based access to IBM i. IBM i Access for Web enables end users to leverage business information, applications, and resources across an enterprise by extending the IBM i resources to the client desktop through a web browser.

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IBM i Access for Web...
is system based; there is no code running on the desktop.
is implemented using Java Servlet technology.
uses industry standard protocols - HTTP, HTTPS and HTML.
is lightweight, requiring only a browser on the client.
runs batch commands, provides access to database, integrated file system, printers, printer output, and messages, and a 5250 interface.

V5R4 iSeries Access for Web is supported on systems with V5R4 and V5R3 i5/OS TM. V5R3 iSeries Access Family (5722-XW1) customers can acquire V5R4 iSeries Access for Web and stay at V5R3 i5/OS. Refer to Ordering/Upgrading.
V5R4 and V5R3 iSeries Access for Web servlets are supported with these web application systems. Refer to the service pack PTFs page for PTF requirements:
Web application system integrated with i5/OS (V5R4 only)
WebSphere Application Server (WAS) - Express V6.1 for i5/OS, WAS V6.1 for i5/OS, and WAS V6.1 Network Deployment for i5/OS
WAS - Express V6.0 for OS/400 and WAS V6.0 for OS/400
WAS - Express for iSeries V5.1 and V5.0
WAS for iSeries V5.1 and V5.0 (Base and Network Deployment Editions)
Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta Tomcat (included with the IBM HTTP Server)

In addition to the above, the IBM i Access for Web portlet code can be used with any of the following portal systems:
IBM Workplace Services Express V2.6 and V2.5
WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms V6.0
WebSphere Portal for Multiplatforms V5.1.0.1
WebSphere Portal Express for Multiplatforms V5.0.2
WebSphere Portal Express Plus for Multiplatforms V5.0

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More details on IBM i Access for Web to follow...

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