Friday, July 24, 2009

Exploring NFS on AS/400

This redbook explores the Network File System on the AS400 system.

The OS/400 Network File System (NFS) Support, which was introduced with V3R7 as part of TCP/IP Utility, provides a new system function for the AS400 system that allows you to construct a distributed network system where all users can access the data they need. This redbook will help you use the features of the NFS to share data across sytems. It explains the security considerations to be aware of while using NFS. It then goes on to explore the National Language Support features offered by NFS. Further on, it describes the enhancements in the NFS when compared to the File Server Support/400, which was made available for versions of OS/400 earlier than V3R7. This book also includes the steps involved to migrate from FSS/400 to NFS. The final chapter in this redbook covers a few common problems that you might come across while using the NFS and how to solve them. The intended audiences for this redbook are system administrators building up and maintaining a distributed network using NFS and AS/400 customers or programmers working with the Network File System. It is assumed that the reader has basic working experience with the AS/400 system

Chapter 1. Integrated File System Overview 1.0
Chapter 2. Network File System Overview 2.0
Chapter 3. Operating and Using NFS 3.0
Chapter 4. NFS Security 4.0
Chapter 5. National Language Support 5.0
Chapter 6. Migrating from FSS/400 to NFS 6.0
Chapter 7. Common Problems Encountered in NFS 7.0
Appendix A. Layout and Rules of the /etc/exports File A.0
Appendix B. Layout and Rules of the /etc/netgroup File B.0
Appendix C. NLS Code Page Example C.0
Appendix D. Installation of the Edit File (EDTF) command D.0
Appendix E. CHOWN() API Description E.0
Appendix F. PC NFS Client Considerations F.0
Appendix G. Displaying Exported Files G.0
Appendix H. Special Notices H.0
Appendix I. Related Publications I.0

Network File System on the AS400 system

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