Friday, July 24, 2009

Common High availability issues in an i5/OS High-Availability and Replication Environment

Joe Hertvik discusses the issues that can occur once you have you HA and replication environment up and running on your as400.

The second mistake occurs when administrators don't make sure that replicated data stays in sync. Before a failover, perform further auditing on your data groups to make sure that someone hasn't accidentally removed a library from the replication scheme. My shop ran a test last month where we found a critical library was present on both the target and source systems, but its contents hadn't been replicated in six months. Replication had accidentally been turned off; the programs worked but the data was old. So in addition to making sure that you have the same libraries on both systems, make sure that the data is being kept in sync. Otherwise, you may have replicated the file structure perfectly but your data may not be up to date

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