Saturday, March 27, 2010

AS400 PRTF - Report Layout Utility

AS400 PRTF - Report Layout Utility

The report layout utility (RLU), AS400 licensed program, allows you to create and edit source members on the AS/400 system. RLU source members in source physical
files contain the printer file Data Description Specifications (DDS) for a report
design that you lay out by using RLU.

The report design looks like an actual listing
you generate with a high-level-language (HLL) program. Using RLU, you specify
the information required for DDS, and RLU creates or changes the source member.
The DDS uses keywords to define your report design. Keywords associated with a
field are called field-level keywords, keywords associated with a record are called
record-level keywords, and keywords associated with an entire printer file are called
file-level keywords.

You can perform the following tasks with RLU:
¹ Design a report by defining it on the display, saving it as DDS source, and creating
a printer file.
¹ Create a prototype of a report by printing the as400 prtf report design at any time to make
sure that the reports looks the way you want.

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